It is not a fertilizer nor a plant protection product

Basalt Powder obtained by grinding the basalt rock through a complex production cycle using ceramic tools with no metal residues release. The grinding process, in place of ventilation, guarantees, dimension and mesh uniformity and absence of impurities
Basalt Powder produced by Basalti Orvieto an Italian company, sold in three classes of fineness:
The Basalt of Orvieto is an effusive volcanic rock with a basic pH, it does not contain asbestos nor free crystalline silica, therefore is not dangerous for health and is compatible with the environment.
Parameters analyzedValues obtainedUnit of measureMethodical
Na202.2%p/pUNI EN 15309:2007
MgO1.9%p/pUNI EN 15309:2007
Al2O321.7%p/pUNI EN 15309:2007
SiO245.7%p/pUNI EN 15309:2007
P2O50.7%p/pUNI EN 15309:2007
K2O10.0%p/pUNI EN 15309:2007
CaO8.3%p/pUNI EN 15309:2007
TiO20.7%p/pUNI EN 15309:2007
MnO0.2%p/pUNI EN 15309:2007
Fe2O38.1%p/pUNI EN 15309:2007
SrO0.2%p/pUNI EN 15309:2007
Loss on fire (105°)0.06%p/pUNI EN 15309:2007
Loss on fire (975°)0.03%p/pUNI EN 15309:2007
By virtue of its chemical composition and physical characteristics, the basalt powder, can be applied in: