Basalt Powder in the Fladen preparation digs a hole, about 60 cm wide and about 40 cm deep, in a suitable area of the garden and covered with birch sticks. The fill the pit with fresh and compact cattle manure, not containing straw, inoculated with compost prepared and sheltered by rain (but not hermetically sealed). Maria Thun has further refined this method. Mix eggshells and basalt Powder, and stay with a spade for an hour, then put in a bottomless box in the ground and leave them here for eight weeks. Use the preparation when it becomes dark brown, friable and has lost the smell of manure. In addition to the preparations, the farmer and the biodynamic grower use liquid natural fertilizers made with Ortiche, Equiseto (508) and Consolida.
Extract from: fondazionelemadri.it