It is not a fertilizer nor a phytopharm

The basalt Powder, obtained from grinding the effusive volcanic rock as defined by Fabio Fioravanti “represents the mother’s milk of the earth being carriers of primordial forces. Then life and healing force”


In biodynamic agriculture:
Basalt Powder is an important ingredient in the composition of the Fladen preparation.
Basalt Powder used for the re-mineralization of compost and topsoil with a 5% integration. Re-mineralization of agricultural land (1)
Basalt Powder is an effective natural method to supply fertility and nutrients to the soil, in extensive and intensive cultivations, those, which most impoverish the soils of mineral elements
Many studies have shown an increase in cultures yields from two to eight times higher, with immediate effect and with slow release that lasts for up to 24 years.
For example, the application of basalt Powder with a ratio of 150 tons per hectare in woody fields after 24 years produced a wood volume 4 times higher (Sauter & Forest 1987).
Similar results, were obtained in crop plants, with more nutrient and fragrance product (Hamaker 1992)
Re-mineralization is an important tool for a proper and economical sustainable development, with particular attention to the health of farmland and man through cultivated products. It could play a key role in ecological restoration
For the soil’ re-mineralization we recommend the use of Fine Basal Powder


In organic and conventional agriculture:
Micronized Basalt Powder purifies only physical action by forming a mechanical barrier on leaves and fruits, creating a thin patina covering the plant’ leaves, this patina does not create difficulties in plant oxygen exchangeMicronized Basalt Powder is a natural corrugator included in the category of “stone or rock powders”. The content of silicic acid helps to strengthen the leaves and stems and even the microelements that make up the rock help to strengthen the plant. Micronized Basal Powder also performs mechanical action (physical barrier) and thanks to its hygroscopic characteristics, it can act as a dehydrator by drying the outside of the plants and thus reducing the risks of proliferation and development of parasites
The micronized Basalt Powder sprayed on the olive plant with appropriate dosages hampers the establishment of the “oleaginous bactocera” (olives fly)The vine prevents the proliferation of fungal diseases on the leaf apparatus, and strengthens the plantPrevents the plant from sun burning, it even stabilizes the temperature
Since, the basalt Powder is produced by grinding the stone the micronized Basalt Powder does is not toxic it is crystalline silica free nor contains metal residual
List of benefits by using of micronized basalt Powder
– Provides a continuous and slow release of mineral micro-elements
– Increased nutrient absorption capacity by the plant
– Terrain pH Balance
– Prevents soil erosion
– Increases the resistance of the plant to insects, diseases, and frost
– Produces more nutritious, more fragrant crops
– Reduces dependence on pesticide and herbicide fertilizers
The product in solution requires the use of an agitator for a homogeneous distribution of the product with waterBasalti Orvieto’s micronized basalt Powder does not release harmful residues before the use of the collected products is easily removable by simply washing in fresh waterRepeated treatments in case of rain.